Nine Days at a Time: Yule

Ahhhh, we're in the deep of winter and it's finally time to rest. What a year it's been! Time to celebrate with family and friends, and on Yule day itself, to witness the rising sun.

Nine days at a time: Samhain

Samhain represents the third and final harvest and the death of the year. This is also the time when the veil between this world and the next is at its thinnest, making Samhain the time to honor and commune with your ancestors.

Nine Days at a Time: Mabon

At Mabon, the energy is of completion, of the finish line we can see ahead. Mabon is the beginning of the sunset on our wheel of the year, which will drop into full dark in six weeks at Samhain.

Nine Days at a Time: Lammas

It's a time for gratitude, for beginning to celebrate achievements, but also a time for recognizing regret and making decisions as to what needs to still be culled to make the most of our time left in the year.

Nine Days at a Time: Litha

This is the time we celebrate life in all its fullness because the days just get shorter, and the nights longer, from here. If we've been diligent about working toward our goals, this is also the time when we're recognizing the fulfillment of our efforts.

Nine days at a time: Imbolc

I decided at Imbolc to do a 9-day celebration of each Sabbat, revisiting what I've done in previous years and also noting what I've always wanted to do and never gotten around to.

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